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Everything on Azimut 68 is amplified: abundant space and unparalleled liveability offered. Three separate areas make this the ideal place to enjoy unique experiences in complete freedom and privacy.

For either a quick lunch at anchor or a slap-up dinner against the backdrop of a spectacular crimson sunset… the cockpit area is the perfect place to enjoy unique moments in the company of your guests.

The main deck features a spacious, versatile day zone composed of two separate areas. The first, immediately as you enter, contains a layout and furnishings designed to create a relaxing, inviting space, with two ample and supremely comfortable divans seamlessly integrated into the interior architecture.

Throughout the yacht, warm, natural colours and beautiful, quality materials combine to create a welcoming, harmonious environment. Matt-finished Thai wood combines with inserts in natural teak and pale matt painted surfaces, creating gentle, fluid lines that link the various spaces. Details in glossy mahogany wood add a touch of elegant contrast for a stylish, fresh and airy look.

Located towards the prow on the main deck, the dining zone can also function as a lounge area through the option of a dining table that instantly transforms into a pair of coffee tables. This area can also be accessorised with a television set built into the kitchen partition.
While the standard design sees the kitchen as part of an open plan layout, a variation in which it is closed off is available, offering greater privacy through a slatted partition.
Whilst providing a physical separation, the fluidity of the entire area is maintained, with the light flooding the entire space from prow to stern, and filtering through the slats in a delicate and original “lantern” effect.

The elegant, original atmosphere of the interiors stems from the soft, curved lines synonymous with designer Achille Salvagni’s approach. The charm of these spaces reflects his philosophy of creating flowing, contemporary dynamics, free from uninviting sharp, straight edges.

A light architectural touch frames the wonder of the sea. Each element flows seamlessly into the next, with a complete absence of sharp angles and edges. The colours unfold softly and naturally to create a serene, refined atmosphere.
The ensuite bathroom of the owner’s cabin features a sliding door that can be fully rolled back to create a stylish spa effect.

The night area in the Azimut 68 is surprisingly generous with space, offering four cabins served by three bathrooms with separate shower. In the bow, the VIP cabin offers guests the utmost in comfort and liveability, with big windows, fine detailing and extensive storage space.

Azimut Yachts is a pioneer in the extended use of carbon fibre, introducing it across all its collections and understanding its potential in terms of enhanced performance on the water and unprecedented on-board comfort. The use of carbon fibre not only enables increased volumes and additional surfaces within the same weight ranges, but also delivers outstanding levels of both static and dynamic stability, with a decrease in roll momentum of between 3 and 15%. The Azimut 68 uses pure carbon fibre laminated with vynilester resin on its deck, flybridge, hard top.

Reflecting Azimut Yachts’ commitment to providing boat owners with the most advanced and high-performance boating technology available, the Azimut 68 is powered by twin Volvo Penta IPSs.
Understanding the extraordinary potential of this highly efficient Integrated Propulsion System, members of the Azimut Yachts Innovation Lab spent time with Volvo Penta engineers to gain more indepth knowledge of how hull design could be optimised to best incorporate it.
The results can be seen in a number of benefits in the Azimut 68:
• Reduced vibrations, noise and total weight
• The combination of IPS and the ample use of carbon fibre throughout the yacht delivers
a significant reduction in fuel consumption, representing a responsible environmental choice
• More onboard living space as the compact design means a smaller engine room, to the advantage of the accommodation area
Manoeuvring becomes even easier with the optional installation of Assisted Docking, the brand-new Volvo technological solution that is set to revolutionise the berthing process.

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20.980 m


1.60 m


5.23 m


2 X VOLVO IPS 1350 (1000 HP)


43.7 t

Maximum speed (knots)


Cruising speed (knots)


Fuel capacity (liters)


Water capacity (liters)


Exterior styling & concept

Alberto Mancini

Interior styling

Achille Salvagni Architetti


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