Libeccio 8.50 classic

A real reference to the past, an unmistakable style for the new libeccio 8.50 classic which is a tribute to the Sorrentine gozzo of the 60s.

A perfect combination of the classic style of bar navigation and modernity, which allows you to reach up to 20 knots.   The lines are clean, the large sundeck is made of solid wood threaded maple, the fenders pins and bollards are retractable. Even the throttle is hidden by a cushioned compartment.

Timeless elegance

A classic gozzo with the benefits of modern technology equipped with electric winch, courtesy lights and plexiglass in the background on the steps leading to the bow sundeck, wink at the future. The locker is a large double cabin with fridge and can be equipped with a toilet if desired. In addition, a small table that can be assembled allows you to have a support surface for aperitifs and dinners.   The innovative solid wood deck hides under the cushions a fiberglass compartment on the top of the cushions a 6 cm cushion



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