WIDER is an innovative Italian yacht builder and pioneers in introducing hybrid technology into the world of pleasure boating and heralded as the first yacht builder to have applied serial hybrid propulsion technology to its superyachts.

Founded in 2010 and based in one of Italy’s prime shipbuilding centres, Ancona (Le Marche), WIDER specialises in designing and building exclusive Superyachts and Express Cruisers with a strong focus on technology and on-board electronics.

Wider Superyachts are the first in their category to combine an extraordinarily efficient hybrid propulsion system with azimuth thrusters. This union reduces fuel consumption, noise and vibrations while considerably increasing range thus ensuring great flexibility for designers.

We have always been committed to constant innovation to be able to reach 100% electric propulsion. Every yacht emphasises its connection with the marine environment and dedicates space to relax close to the water: from the extendable cockpits of the Express Cruisers to Superyachts with the most spacious Beach Clubs in their categories.

We build high-quality yachts that combine high-level performance with low consumption while always ensuring great flexibility and open space to move around in, conceived to reflect the style of today’s clients. At the same time, great attention has been paid to the aesthetics of the design and the quality of the materials: clean, modern lines enveloping impeccable products and with an enviable attention to details. In short: superb quality.